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I'm 32 now. I dropped out of High School out of disinterest and obtained a GED. My interest was in computers; I spent my teenage years coding and (re)assembling computers.

My first job was an intern at a Help Desk for a media company, making minimum wage ($5.25 at the time, iirc). Toward the end of my internship I accepted an offer to continue working full-time, making 18k/yr. "You don't have a college degree," was the justification for that amount. I excelled technically, eventually taking on a more sysadmin role. After 1 1/2 years I began to question why I still made significantly less than my college-educated colleagues, even though I became a lead with way more responsibilities. Angered, I took the ACT exam, applied to state universities, was accepted, and left for college.

I switched majors from CS to Broadcasting during my freshman year because I was bored with the intro courses. In retrospect, this decision helped me become a more social person, as the Broadcasting/Communications curriculum forced me to work with others and do a lot of public speaking. I somehow managed to graduate in 4 yrs (I was lazy, hated doing papers and taking exams).

That was 8 years and three jobs ago. I now work at a well-known tech company making over six figures. All of my jobs up until now were because I knew someone and had the technical ability. I applied to work at my current job because I wanted to work for a tech company with a tech culture (previously all media + very corporate).

TL;DR - I despise school. All of my technical skills are self-taught. All of my jobs up until the present one were obtained because I knew someone and had the technical ability.

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