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Graduated with a Computer Engineering degree in 2009. Got a job with feds at Ft Monmouth engineering center. Base was closed due to BRAC in 2010/11.

Didn't want to relocate to MD at the time so I started a consulting company with 2 other friends from college. We build rails apps / did other misc ecommerce work mostly learning as we went.

Did that until this past summer when I took a full time position at STAQ in Baltimore. I had decided to take a job with more reliable income / benefits to allow my wife to return to school full-time. Since the majority of my recent development experience was in Rails, I made a list of local or remote-friendly companies who had a similar stack and I sent out emails with cover letters and code samples.

I found STAQ via their recruitment website - https://programmerswanted.staq.com/. Mike, our CTO, got back to me super fast and we scheduled an interview which went well and led to an offer. Very happy with my current position and enjoying the new challenges.

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