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I couldn't afford to finish the last semester of college. Lived with some other friends in a not-so-nice area of town, riding a moped a few miles to work for a company to learn internet marketing while getting paid $7.00 an hour.

Started my own web design and internet marketing shop, which proved to be much harder than I thought because I didn't know shit about running a business. Caught a break with a startup building out their website and web assets and doing marketing. Marketing director got fired, I filled that role and got a raise.

Left that company after two years to co-found a startup. Raised a little money. Tought myself product design and front-end.

Startup was unsuccessful, but I used the skills I learned to land a gig at MIT doing product design and front-end dev. Did that for a while. Jumped from 40k to almost 100k.

Left MIT to lead product at a vc backed startup making 6 figures with a good bit of equity. That's where I am today.

Tomorrow, who knows...

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