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on Nov 22, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite

You picked a really bad time. That aside, if you end up in NL let me know and I'll help you in any way that I can, but make sure you end things on as good a note as you can, especially with your wife (and I really hope you don't have children). And remember one thing, you can leave everything behind, but you can't leave yourself behind and some of those things that you dislike will end up mysteriously packed in your luggage, it sounds very much like you want to get out of your life, not just your country.

> [...] if you end up in NL let me know and I'll help you in any way that I can [...]

I follow your comments regularly and I must say that I am amazed by your character! If you happen to come in Greece pm me, if I am in a 4h range, I'll drop by and buy you beers! :-)

i think i missed some opportunity :) yeah NL would be perfect if i have that chance and thanks. i've other problems with my wife, just want to mention about them in here, there are really personal stuff and i want to keep them in husband-wife privacy. and im trying plan how to explain myself clearly to my wife. i don't want to leave her with tons of questions in her head. just i need to find most peaceful way i can.

almost forgot. i don't have children also. thanks again


Would you leave your wife just because you face problems dealing with your business partners? Change business partners, your wife has nothing to do about your work problems :-) Why not joining some international corporation for two-three years, companies like Siemens or Bosh are constantly looking for people who know how to code and in the same time they can make it very easy for you to travel - even with your family.

i have a lot of different problems with my wife but i dont want to mention in here. they need to keep in husband-wife privacy.

international corps are the worst. if you have a CS degree and you only know how to open Visual Studio you'll get the job. also Microsoft dominate the market in Turkey, and if you are a Python developer your only chance are %3-4 of the industry.

Yeah, I didn't mean corpo-world is great, just that it's easy vehicle to do travel. I know people travelling around the world with no degree whatsoever - they are just good at what they are doing and got noticed in corporation..

Start with researching visa laws. H1B is a very common way to come into US for work. EU has alternatives. Note that these visa require BS degree. As to what to write in your resume there are much better guides online than anything I'd say.

i'm not sure about put my credentials in here, or should i ? listing my dev skills etc.

i never heard about that BS Degree requirement on visa's which i don't have. i dropped out from university, Bachelor of arts in the last year.damn!

Sadly, skills won't make any difference if you don't meet requirements for visa. You could take your time and get relevant degree though (anything CS related should work).

Also you can play DV lottery. It's a small chance (1.5%) but still larger than zero.

i already know that finding relocation jobs in US is hard and what you mentioned is a real deal breaker. then i'll take my chances in EU region or UAE etc.

You might start by changing "rid" to "out" in your title. At first, I thought you wanted to get rid of HN.

thanks, i've changed

Also consider changing "this country" to "my country" or Turkey.

It can be hard to get work visa to very prosperous countries without a university degree. Here is an alternative option:

Argentina is a nice place to live, if you work remotely for North American companies. The local economy is a mess at the moment, you probably don't want to bother with that.

Turkish citizens can enter Argentina without a visa and anyone without a criminal record can be naturalized as a citizen after two years of legal or irregular (undocumented/illegal) residence. (The naturalization law dates to 1869.)

Do talk to a local attorney that specializes in naturalization for irregular migrants, do buy a round trip ticket, do have a hotel/hostel/Airbnb booked for the duration of your imaginary stay and don't show up at border control with anything a tourist wouldn't carry. If that doesn't work, I understand a lot of Chinese and Koreans just walk over from Paraguay.

It will be difficult to bring dollars into the country if you can't leave for two years and physically carry them, but the president-elect will likely remove currency controls soon. If not, you can use Bitcoin.

Though, if you want to start a company there are less painful places to do it than Argentina...

Full disclosure: I'm not Argentine or an illegal immigrant to Argentina, so do check with people who know more

You can find a job in Germany. Try Berlin first, there is huge shortage of developers now, it's not as far from your home as USA, for example,and it's easier to get work permit (Google "blue card"). Also it has many turks living there which may ease your start if you would want to communicate with them.

You can get an ECAA visa and work in UK as a freelancer: https://www.gov.uk/turkish-business-person/overview

yeah, i read ECAA requirements and thats an accelerator for me. thanks

I know people who are hiring, send me an email (address in my profile: https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=kspaans).

will do right away

It may not be the solution you expected, but you could try upwork. Pay can be decent and it allows you to live while traveling across exotic countries. I know a programmer that lives this digital nomad lifestyle.

yeah i've trying to find wonk on here too. thanks.

i know a guy too living like that, he make stock videos and he travelled around 10 countries in 2 years and he is in cambodia now. fantastic place. he said he want to stay there at least one year to discover more.

it's might be compelling to live a nomad life, it has extra effort to keep things tidy and clear. it's already hard thing to left everything about your behind, but maybe i'd consider living a nomad life few years later but first i need to find peace in my mind

I spent a few years as a nomad, also to get out of my country, but not for such extreme circumstances as yours, I just felt like it.

I am happy to share the ups and downs of it, and give you tips in how to keep it manageable, and how to keep working as a dev.

[find contact info in my profile]

When I read the title, I feel the writer of the sentence is a Turkish.

not surprised :)

Good luck, don't give up.

Contact WALTSTEPH82@GMAIL.COM .. he his an hacker.he can help you out


I've seen HN'ers go way over and beyond the call of duty, also to help perfect strangers in 3rd world countries halfway around the globe.

i don't know, i thought maybe the developer brotherhood could help me. but i never think with your perspective. And yes we're not lucky about our birth country, there are worst places out there but we live in a shit hole.

To use the YC/dev culture to your advantage you have to play your cards in a smart way. Make yourself a name (make a cool html5 website promoting yourself as a professional). Make trendy silly things in javascript, post 'em to github, to show HN. Get upvoted. Comment, gather karma. Don't show your depressive attitude to people, it turns them off (because it reminds them about their privilege of being born into a wealthy country).

Basically read this guy http://www.kalzumeus.com/2011/10/28/dont-call-yourself-a-pro... and follow the clique.

You can make it if you try hard enough.

sorry HN blocked my account for submitting fast. they remove the blockage now.

you're right but i can't pretend to be someone im not. im not a rockstar dev you know there are lot of them.

yes i'm looking depressed now but im a burning fire in me work hard and joy. trying to find a place to work with good people and good purpose

Chip on your shoulder, much?

Looks like I hit a nerve here, haven't I?

Note that my advice is rational and completely unironic. It is rational to follow the clique if you want to succeed in tech.

I act like that too.

> Looks like I hit a nerve here, haven't I?

Not really. Your posts in this discussion just seem unnecessarily... angry?

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