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Finding good porn.

No, really, hear me out. The industry has such a high turnover rate, talent and technicians alike. The barrier to entry is very low, almost non existent. This means the market place is constantly flooded with poor quality product.

I have studied and worked in the movie industry, so I have a bit of inside knowledge about the craft. Certainly the same things annoy me that annoy everyone else with bad porn, shit lighting, over acting, bad sound, etc.

Now, don't get me wrong sometimes poor quality work will do, but I'm going on about the search for good stuff.

Maybe it's the synergy of titillation and craft that lights up my happy circuits. But I think the real key here is as soon as I've ingested the work in question, well, the thrill is gone. I won't make any excuses, that's just how the ol' libido runs.

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