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Can't say I've had a good experience with ubuntu on a laptop. Very buggy with sleep/wakes. Often wifi and/or sound refuses to work after a wake up. Lately it's refusing to go to sleep at all when on battery but not when plugged in (!).

I've had good experience with both Manjaro (Arch-based) and OpenSUSE, though not on a laptop. One thing I have found important is to use a distro which has a good selection of third-party packages. AUR is perhaps to absolute best out there for this, OBS is also pretty good.

Honestly, for the pc I'm currently building, I'll be running W10, with a few linux VMs for hobbies. One of the biggest irritants of every single linux distro I've tried is the f'ing screen going to sleep while watching netflix/youtube/web videos of any sort. I've spent many hours googling for a solution to this, apparently it's one of the great technical issues of our era.

That's funny about the screensaver. I had the same problem. My solution was to reinstall XScreenSaver and set the timeout to a long period of time. Of course, there's various energy-saving apps that might dim the screen and there's various places where things autostart from a reboot.

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