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The section below reminded me very much of the book called Learned Optimism (someone on HN recommended the book and I found it very interesting). It's all about how you explain your successes and failures, and how positive explanations enable you to continue on and do well. On the other hand, negative explanations are discouraging and make you more likely to give up.

From the article:

* You dismiss complements, awards, and positive reinforcement as "no big deal."

* You are crushed by mild, constructive criticism.

* You believe you're not as smart/talented/capable as other people think you are.

* You worry others will discover you're not as smart/talented/capable as they think you are.

* You think other people with similar jobs are more "adult" than you are, and they "have their shit together" while you flounder around.

* You feel your successes are due more to luck than ability; with your failures it's the other way around.

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