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I am from Berlin working at some startup company. If I were you, I would go to Berlin, if you satisfy Blue Card requirements. Within 2-3 years you can learn how startup market works in Berlin, find good connections. In 3 years afair you can apply for permanent residency. It means you don't need to work for some company, and you can start your business / consultancy. I guess you may have better opportunities here to find investors, hire people and grow your business than in Pakistan.

Berlin is a friendly city with a lot of foreigners from EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East, etc so you won't feel like a stranger here.

How long have you been in Berlin, out of curiosity?

I live in Berlin for more than 2 years. UPD: If I correctly understand the reason why you asked your question, you might think I am still in "honeymoon" with Berlin. I guess I am not anymore. As everywhere, there are pluses and minuses. People can be unfriendly, the winter is grey and rainy, but I didn't move here from the sunny South with friendly open people :) And I am pretty disillusioned about the startup scene - most companies are crappy, hipsterish and want to pay pennies, so one needs to look hard for a good place. But at the same time I met some good, interesting, and enthusiastic people here.

It's one reason, another was in case you'd been there a long time and could comment on what's changed over the last 5-10 years.

And I think that describes most startup ecosystems, just those also happen to be the conditions for really good companies to emerge too.

For me Berlin is a place where people can really be whoever they want, even two or three people in the same day. After all, everyone's an electronica DJ after hours ;)

I agree 100 percent on electronica DJs :D I have colleagues / friends, who are great fans of techno and vinyls; Berlin with its clubbing culture is a paradise for them!

I am in Lahore, Pakistan right and never have been in Berlin before ...

My question was intended toward the parent comment.

Got it ... sorry ...

thanks for your comment. Can you please tell about how much is living costs/per month for a single person

Around 1000-1500 would give you a pretty good quality of life, but you can also go lower than that.

If you're single an young, consider finding a "WG" - it's when several people live together in a big appartment with own rooms but shared kitchen. That's normally a student thing but that's quite cheap and can help integration. But that's also does not suit everybody.

Single dude in mid 20s who likes to party - not more than 1.5k/month. 1k if you're frugal. Cost of living in Berlin is rising but still way below other Western European capitals. Housing is the biggest issue but your company can help.

A bit difficult to say about minimum costs as I moved with my wife, and we both work on senior engineering positions. I agree with atroyn - 1.5k would be enough. Remove about 40 percent from your brutto salary, and this is more or less what you ll have after the taxes.

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