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Only one death threat? That might actually be enough to drive some people away, but I think the article was talking about people who get death threats on a regular basis. Sometimes just being who you are is enough to "attract that stuff".

The most vulnerable are the ones who don't have friends or a support system nearby. Their only options are to put up with being constantly harassed, or cut themselves off from their community entirely.


Most people are not idiots enough to hang at notoriously neo-nazi filled irc channel and argue with them. Most people don't get death threats at internet.

So internet is not lead plumbing. It's more like early electric grid, where lightning could burn a house nearby. It's not going away, it will just get better.

That being said internet harassment is a genuine problem. And I don't have solution for it.

Death threats aren't the only kind of harassment. Check out the comments on any popular Youtube video, or most news sites that have comment sections. There aren't many of those left actually, because they tend to fill up with ridiculously high levels of harassing and even threatening remarks. Twitter users had to roll their own group-blocking solution (and Twitter has built-in some of these features recently) so communities can collectively compile ban lists. There's just too much shit out there for any one person to deal with.

I agree that it's major problem. But I still don't think it's existential problem for internet itself. If some person has to delete twitter account, that doesn't really justify who someone else could not order pizza via internet.

Twitter users are about 10% of internet users. And the problem looks lot worse than it is. Popular users are lot more likely to be harassed, and we are more likely to hear stuff from popular users. Most are probably like me, followed by my mom and one real life friend.

I disagree. Twitter, Facebook, email, and other messaging systems are how most people communicate privately and participate in culture. Ordering a pizza slightly more conveniently does not outweigh isolating someone.

You're more likely to hear about harassment from popular users, but that doesn't mean lots of regular people aren't harassed too.

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