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oh yeah this def sounds familiar:

    * You dismiss complements, awards, and positive reinforcement as "no big deal."
- just reached 35K visitors after 2 months, down to top 100K in Alexa. Page Rank of 5. Meh...why isn't it a million? Why isn't it top 10,000? Why isn't is Page Rank 7?

    * You are crushed by mild, constructive criticism.
-Well I wouldn't say crushed, but it does affect me more than it should. i.e. I've had like 6 complaints about the design. After like 50,000 people saw the site since it launched. Yet it already made me start working on a redesign.

    * You believe you're not as smart/talented/capable as other people think you are.
-oh yeah, I feel like other people on HN can code stuff in their sleep, while all I do is hack things together in firebug.

    * You worry others will discover you're not as smart/talented/capable as they think you are.
-oh yeah, it just feels too easy, like I'm not doing any actual work.

    * You think other people with similar jobs are more "adult" than you are, and they "have their shit together" while you flounder around.
-oh yeah, I feel that while I spend my time "hacking" things together, others are on the phone getting coverage from CNN. That in the same period others would have created 500x more features.

    * You feel your successes are due more to luck than ability; with your failures it's the other way around.
-definitely, if I fail it's like I wasn't trying hard enough. If I win, it's just the luck of the draw,

    * You find it difficult to take credit for your accomplishments.
-Well this one not really. I don't mind taking credit. But in the back of my mind, I feel like the credit is due to luck, rather than any special work on my part. It's like anyone could hit the same #s if they tried.

    * You feel that you're the living embodiment of "fake it until you make it."
-that's actually my motto.

Can you please, um, reformat your comment.

Two newlines in the textbox makes a line in the actual comment.

Edit: It was fixed by the time I submitted this.

scroll-bar equalizer :-)

I actually just posted our 2 month stats:


TL;DR version of your post:

I agree.

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