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"Americans don’t build real bridges anymore, or maintain the ones that we have"

I can't speak for all bridges in general, but since the author takes the Golden Gate bridge as an example, I can tell you it's maintained. Many pieces have been replaced over the (past) 4 years I've crossed it, including structural pieces. Heck they even document some of it / how its done on the bridge itself...

They also re-built half the Bay bridge from scratch (other side of San Franciso). Granted, for this one the work-force was mainly Chinese (but a large part of it was still American).

So yeah, don't start off with false facts, specially if you have valid points afterwards, since I'd generally just stop reading at this point and figure you're just full of yourself throw stuff you think sound cool and can't be verified.

Also here's some REAL suspension bridge collapses... it's not so far off in some (obviously not all) movies...




The author partook in hyperbole (I thought it was obvious that it was hyperbole.. but heh), but was referencing stuff like this:



The first article really is a fairly sensationalized piece on bridge infrastructure failures. The headline bridge, the one on I-10, was "functionally obsolete" because the guardrails were of a design that wasn't up to what modern bridges would have. The scouring that occurred because flash flooding isn't completely predictable, and washes can and do occasionally try to change course.

The second bridge in the example was even worse. Someone died /demolishing/ a bridge. Unless I'm missing something, rebuilding a deficient bridge is kinda the opposite of neglecting infrastructure. Yes, there's an infrastructure problem, but the article in question just muddies the issue with near classic yellow journalism.

They are all off in the exact way the author describes. Those are in no way counter examples.

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