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Recent improvements to Redis Lua scripting (antirez.com)
63 points by doppp on Nov 19, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

> Now to show how a debugger work, by writing a blog post about it, is surely possible but, even a purist like me writing articles in courier, will resort to a video from time to time. So here is longish video showing the main features of the Redis debugger. I start talking like a bit depressed since this was early in the morning, but after a few minutes coffee fires in and you’ll se me more happy.

Stay awesome, antirez.

I wrote some semi-complex Redis Lua scripts recently... didn't need a debugger, but it's great to have.

This nicely gets at the single biggest pain point that I encountered writing Redis scripts. The workaround that I came to was to insert early returns and run them over and over again. But a real debugger is much better.

That said, the biggest remaining pain point is that it would be nice if a Redis script could refer to functions in a shared library. Yes, you can always just assign functions to variables and call them that way, but now you have to copy standard functions in every script that needs them. This is a PITA.

You can call Lua scripts from other Lua scripts. It is a little funky, but that's why I built https://github.com/josiahcarlson/lua-call

Ugh. But yes. That should work perfectly well.

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