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I doubt it. I only want to see relevant information on my UI. How is a 3D spatial representation relevant to the daily tasks of a sysadmin? The relationship between these two information spaces seems tenuous to me.

It's about mapping inputs into a mental picture of what reality is. I am quite good at looking at various diagnostics and reporting available to me and figuring out what is going on. I can look at my New Relic server graphs over time, ps, df, du, free, and others to arrive at a conclusion for what is happening. Someone untrained would not come to the same conclusion as me.

Now, if my network were a castle and bad packets or DDoS attacks looked like Catapults and flaming arrows. It would be very obvious to someone viewing that scene that we are at war and possibly losing. If my walls were huge and the arrows few you would not worry. If my walls were low and small and the arrows many you would realize we are losing. This is an image that can be looked at and understood almost universally, without the need for years of training on what the debug logs in a firewall look like.

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