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Strange, why isn't there a homebrew/bower/npm/whatever package manager for minecraft?

~ modcraft install <package> # installs <package> to your minecraft server

~ modcraft create <some_new_package_you_wanna_make> # creates a new package with your .gitignore already setup so you can make your own mod

etc. etc.

Years ago when I played minecraft I remember someone was hired specifically to make Minecraft have an API to make modding easier. What happened to that?

There are several modpack launchers available now (Tekkit, FTB, ATLauncher, etc...), but mod authors get butthurt when you don't visit their ad infested download links and there is infighting between the different groups.

Minecraft's mod scene is a mess. Whatever Mojang's efforts were to make the game mod friendly have never seen the light of day. It's really sad because mod authors have done some really amazing stuff with the engine, but because every update breaks everything its too hard to keep most of the running for more than a version or two.

What's really hurt the mod scene is fragmentation - search for Minecraft Mods on Google and the unofficial-official Curse forums will probably come up but there's also many other sites that re-host (with more ads).

I've heard anecdotal reports of malware being spread through these unofficial mirrors too.

Can you imagine if there had been mods.minecraft.com from the start with some kind of central organisation?

I actually tried doing something like this maybe a year back, but it got out of my scale in terms of complexity vs the amount of time I was willing to put into it. Having to manage jar and asset patches, replacements, additions, deletions (as well as the same things for the items within each jar, for example), as well as having to handle config files and other random messes that mods created, without any sort of breakage was quite difficult, especially considering how incorrect installation order of mods would often cause conflicts (meaning that even if modloader and forge, for example, worked alone and forge could be installed before modloader, installing modloader first might break forge). Making this work without an accidentally Turing complete build system is very difficult. Maybe a standard MC build system and API would help clean this all up to the point where Mojang could create a working system to handle all of this properly while interfacing with the launcher's profile system.

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