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How do you find out what the usual salary is for the kind of work that you do?
26 points by ayjz on Nov 18, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
People don't talk about their salaries because they seem to think it's impolite, and websites like Glassdoor are useless (for me) because it's impossible to figure out what job titles at different companies correspond to what I do. (I also work for a small company where no one has exactly the same job as me.)

How do you guys get around these problems and find out what level of salary you should be looking for?

One strategy I've heard of: if you're getting recruiter spam, ask each of them, based on your resume, what kind of salary they could get you. Throw out any outliers or obvious liars, and take the average.

In my experience, recruiters offer more than the company is willing to offer. My final step in your plan would be to drop the values by 10 to 20 percent or so.

Someone posted a website to HN which let you see what h1 visa holders were earning at different companies. If you find similar companies you can look up what salaries their are for different job titles. Avoids the self selection bias of glass door.

Also, Foriegn Labor Certificaton Data Center[1] is used by DOL to determine the prevailing wage for an occupation.

[1] http://flcdatacenter.com/OesWizardStart.aspx

I can probably help. My wife does compensation for a living and has access to troves of data. More and more it is normalized wi little variance except for region based on cost of living. Years of experience plays a part too.

Also tact you can take is determine what your boss makes and perhaps work down from there.

Would you be willing to anonymously post some of the things from all that data that could help some of us out here?

Are there any organizations for your field you can reach out to?

Also, if there are staffing companies, sometimes they put out salary analysis research as content marketing tools that can be quite useful.

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