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I really don't like multi-column layouts. It's impossible to read. arstechnica is a really good example. There are three columns, each with blocks that are different sizes.

So, I end up reading all the headlines from the left column, scrolling back to the stop, reading the second column, then scrolling back up for the third column.

I've tried to use Google+ on my Android device and the experience is awful. You get a few words and a huge picture that doesn't tell you anything about the post.

FWIW, you can change the layout on arstechnica: - Hover over Main Menu in the navigation - in the upper right corner of the menu, there is a label "Layout" that has some icons you can click to adjust to a two column layout that is more top-to-bottom friendly.

The problem isn't the multi-column layout. The real problem are the blocks/cards/boxes that have different heights.

Settings has a "Restrict stream to single column layout on all screen sizes" option.

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