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Their layout of content still nixes it for me. I don't know where this idea of multiple columns of content without any horizontal sync with each other originated, but it does not work for me, not on any site. I read from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. I know other languages differ. But despite the age-old advice that people on the web do not read, they skim, this trend is too much of a disconnect for how I want to see information.

It seems more reminiscent of a market or a bazaar - they seem to be aiming for people who don't need to look over every stall in detail, but for the people who let their gaze wander until something catches their eye.

Which is fine, but I'm not that person, and that's not something I have a use for.

Totally agree with this analogy.

I would be surprised if one of the primary drivers of high CTR isn't the image, just like it is with other similar experiences.

Not sure where it originated, but it was popularized by Pinterest many years ago. I think it works better when the content is primarily images, not so much text.

Yeah, I have the same complaint about Pinterest. My wife likes it, but I find it an incomprehensible mess.

Well I bet based on their target market they'd be ok with this outcome.

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