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I just logged in and nothing looks any different to me at a first glance. And as much as I want to like G+, I can't get over the absolutely abysmal design with that single narrow column and all that empty space off to the sides. It just grates at my nerves for some reason. And the multi-column view is shit, which is why I turned it off in the first place.

Facebook, OTOH, has a design which is way too "busy". And never mind that both Facebook and G+ are walled-gardens anyway. I need to just convince more of my friends to join up with GNU Social.

You have to opt-in to the new interface.

Yeah, but I don't get any prompt to do so, and can't even find any mention of it. Maybe they're doing one of those Google "roll this out to different users at different times" things. shrug

Same here, even after logging out and back in, no opt-in for the "new" UI yet.

I got it when I opted into the new URL. I wonder if they can only carry one "opt-in" prompt at a time and this happened to overlap with that.

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