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HacKeyboard, a mechanical keyboard built from scratch (instructables.com)
39 points by lelf on Nov 18, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Ever since I got to know and love the emacs macro feature (record a sequence of commands, and replay it at a keypress), I've wanted to have this same superpower at the hardware level. I'm making a keypad out of arcade buttons [1], an old box, and a teensy [2]. I excpect I'll have to write the record/playback code by myself (it's not too bad, there's an arduino / c-like language), but has anyone heard of such a thing?

edit - Great! Looks like this keyboard has a macro ability built into it, only it's called "keylogger". Now to find the source code...

[1] - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/20pcs-lot-35mm-Arcad...

[2] - https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy.html

Hi! Project author here. The keyboard has both the macro functions (from F1 to F12) and the keylogger. Since it's completely open source / open hardware you can disable the keylogger in the firmware if you don't like it. I personally don't use it. No one uses the keyboard except me and I'm not going to log my own stuff :) . Just put it there to show that it is possible to do it. Regarding the source code, it's available in my github: https://github.com/masaleiro/HacKeyboard

This board is based on a PIC. The teensy is a AVR (and later ARM). You want to look here instead:


That would be pretty cool if replayed keys blinked "in real time".

I'd back this if it were a kickstarter :)

I really like the features he/she thought of. If it were wireless, it would make the 8GB storage a lot more useful. I am not one for flashing lights in anything that I do, but I won't doubt this is very cool. The other features are great. I can't other manufacturers aren't thinking of this stuff!

It's nice that there is so much innovation in keyboards the last year 2-3 years, in an area that seems to have been stagnant in the 2-3 decades before that. We have the Ergodox (and the EZ in a few weeks), the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard and Keyboardio in 2016 (well, that's the crowdfunded planning - make of that what you will), there are (in the non-split area) many different high-quality 10-key less and mini variations, keycap customization is turning into a micromarket of itself, etc.

Innovation in details sure, but switches with fancy feels and keycaps aren't revolutionary. I'd really like a Datahand[1] -esque keyboard for under a grand, but I doubt it'll ever happen.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DataHand

The Ergodox design has one very significant advance over standard keyboards (besides the NKRO), the large cluster of buttons accessible to each thumb. The glaring omission is the the lack of any kind of mouse-pointer control. It's an odd decision to spend maybe $240 US https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ergodox-ez-an-incredible-... on a keyboard that will still leave you moving your hand on and off your mouse all day. Come to think of it, for that kind of money it would be nice to get Velotype http://www.velotype.com/en/ / Veyboard http://www.veyboard.nl/ -style wrist keys as well.

I'd really like a nice hardware Frogpad, but I think they got clobbered by patents. (And lack of interest).

Any idea if it is, or what is, actually patented? The hardware wouldn't be very hard to make if one can live with normal height keys.

I think the half-keyboard stuff.


Nice build. But why secret storage? Storage will never be secret unless encrypted.

You mean it will never be secure. It can well be secret.

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