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"They then have to appear in court, before a judge, and demonstrate this fact."

We fought a revolution over this sort of garbage and enshrined the presumption of innocence as a core principle in our constitution.

How about we seize all of your assets, give you a "single piece of paper" to enter a not guilty plea, then force you to prove in court that these powers are not widely misused. "The bar is not high", but somehow I doubt you would succeed.

It would be as easy as saying "I have a job" or "my grandmother gave me $2,000 for rent and necessaries". It could be done by a self represented person easily. And again, the person who has property seized from them always has drugs... police are not just randomly taking money. Drug legalization is another another matter (I am pro, FWIW), but for now it remains illegal.

Unfortunately in Boston they are.

"As he describes his job, he looks through the newspapers and looks at the Internet, looking for news stories of properties that might be forfeitable and brings them to the attention of the U.S. attorney"


> And again, the person who has property seized from them always has drugs.

This seems like anecdotal evidence to me. Moreover, police officers do lie on signed police reports (it's happened to me). Were you present during Bob's arrest?

> I have a job

So, if I have a job paying $20k/year and I have $2k in my pocket would that be a sufficient reason for having said currency?

> My grandmother gave me $2,000 for rent and necessaries

Would my grandmother have to appear before a judge as well? What if the court date was scheduled 3 weeks after my arrest? I'd probably be evicted out of my home by the time I ever saw a judge.

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