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[dupe] Mike the Headless Chicken (wikipedia.org)
52 points by kposehn on Nov 12, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

The BBC did a report on this, and it got posted here (with some discussion) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10200625

Most unexpected dupe of the day.

>the chicken earned US$4,500 per month ($47,700 today)[5] and was valued at $10,000

Not a very generous multiplier, but then again, the actuarial tables for a headless chicken wouldn't be all that favorable.

Maybe it would make for some interesting taxidermy post-mortem... though I suppose it would be difficult to differentiate between "this chicken whose head I just cut off" and "this one lived for 18 months"!

Reminds me of this story about using headless chickens for meat production:


That's horrifyingly nasty. Between this, the cowspiricy documentary, new studies surrounding meat consumption and cancer I'm strongly considering becoming a vegetarian again.

This sounds a lot more humane than current practices. I would be much more inclined to eat meat grown without a 'brain' to suffer with.

I see the illogicality in my reaction but it still makes me nauseous - I can't quite put my finger on why.

It's a visceral reaction, I wouldn't be surprised if it were related to the psychology behind the uncanny valley.

Why is this on HN? i just read it and now feel... well i'm not sure but it's different than before when i read this article and the comments. And its not even lunch time yet. Back to work for me.

> now feel... well i'm not sure but it's different than before when i read this article and the comments

That's the feeling of learning a new incredible science fact!

Also, if you feel that you died a little inside then, as a quote attributed to /b/ goes, "That was the weak part. Now you're stronger."

I know someone from this town. They are still proud of their chicken.

I grew up there... The Mike the Headless Chicken festival was always a highlight of my youth!

Also worth noting, Frozen Dead Guy Days are pretty awesome too:


I was actually in Fruita earlier this year. My hosts proudly took me to the statue and told me the story.


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