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Hi everyone!

Spotful (www.bespotful.com) is platform that powers unobtrusive interactivity inside videos! We're based in Montreal, Canada, funded, and working with all the agencies you've heard of (Cossette, Sid Lee, RG/A) and some brands you love (Absolut Vodka, Cirque du Soleil).

We're currently looking for an intermediate (+) front-end developer (AngularJS-specialized) to join our growing team! This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get in early on a team that is blowing it up.

We have fun, and our project is good for the internet (if our competitors win, there will just be more ads everywhere! We are pretty anti-ad ourselves). The challenges are real, but the team is solid! We can offer a good salary, benefits, stock options, and more.

Please reach out to me by email or reply to learn more.


Dan CTO @ Spotful dlazar at bespotful dot com

PS. Totally cool to reach out even if you don't actually love Absolut Vodka. NOBODY here will hold that against you.

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