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Enthusiasm, yes, but where is the output? Usually, when I read about a Lisp success story, there's a paragraph:

... and we could not have done this without A, B, C ... by Edi Weitz.

Lisp needs more people like him who actually release software instead of blogging about its virtues.

But you have seen the article that we are talking about? It is just such an output where the software is written in Lisp and the result is sold commercially.

People have asked Jack to explain why he used Lisp for an embedded application. You can read the result in the linked article.

The guy who has posted the story also has written a bunch of Lisp based internet applications. If you look among the hardcore Common Lisp users, quite a lot are writing software. The once that are blogging superficial stuff not so much. Read the stuff on planet.lisp.org - that's usually quite useful.

Why do you assume people don't release software in Common Lisp?

When you buy a piece of no one writes on the packaging "we did this in C++!" or "We did this in Java!" Why would you expect a big "Common Lisp!" sticker on the packaging? The deliverable is machine code, not source code. The customer doesn't care what the source is written in.

Because people don't write C++ or Java or Python "success stories". When someone ships an app in Lisp, they blog about it and it gets posted here. If Lisp were widely used, it would not be newsworthy.

I don't think you hear much about the 'real' Lisp apps. I have for example never seen anything about Amazon's use of Lisp. But they use it. Did you ever read something about the applications that schedule airport operations? Or did you ever hear about SISCOG's software ( http://www.siscog.com/ ) who develop most of their software in Lisp? Their products are used to schedule the crews of public transport systems (trains) in major cities and states.

Ever read blog posts about those?

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