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Adele Goldberg, who held the meeting with Jobs is still around and would tend to disagree.

Adele is right that the Star pioneered graphical computing. I a somewhat amazed at how little credit people today give to Xerox PARC team. But to say that it was stolen is misleading. The Mac was not a clone of the Star but a derivative system with usability improvements and resource compromises to allow it to run on consumer hardware. (Compare this to Windows, which was a half-hearted implementation of the Mac, compromised to run on common consumer hardware.)

If Xerox had actually productized the Star, it would have sat on the desks of publishers and C-level executives, and probably have been mostly forgotten. Jobs certainly stole Adele's thunder, but I think that he did the right thing.

You might want to read "Dealers of Lightning" which details a lot of this. It's a great read.

I'll check it out. Much of this was also covered in Triumph of the Nerds.

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