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First Person Tetris (firstpersontetris.com)
184 points by theblackbox on Jan 14, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 47 comments

Maybe this should be "second-person tetris" since you rotate with the block. I would expect a first-person tetris to offer either a view from the POV of the blocks downward, or from the base upwards at the blocks headed my way.

It's third person, but with a visual frame of reference fixed to the piece, at the time the piece appears on the screen. I don't see how that's even close to first person.

It's also really fun.

The "person" in this case is the person playing tetris. But since the screen rotates with the piece it desroys the FPS effect, unless people rotate their heads like that when they are playing tetris :)

Holy nauseating reference frames batman...

This really seems to mess with the part of my brain that's been optimized for playing Tetris, even after ~50 lines... It's like going from being fluent in a language to a complete noob again.

Some other fun takes on Tetris:

Tetoris (AKA Tetris HD) http://gprime.net/game.php/tetoris

Tetris 1D (complete with high scores!) http://www.tetris1d.org/

Now I'm dizzy. Pretty cool idea though.

Has anyone seen a tetris implementation from the other first-person perspective? As in, you're the block, looking downwards?

Probably far too hard to play, but that is what I was expecting when I hit the link..

Thank you!

I had an old DOS version of this, and haven't been able to find anything that replicated the experience. This is great.

Yea I remember playing it back in the day. It was called "Blockout" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockout

It was indeed. A friend of mine liked it enough to replicate as a Java applet - http://brokout.org/

My site, but his app. Oh and for amusement value note the specs that it was tested against...

I guess it's necessary in order to see the blocks at the bottom, but the ultra-wide field of view makes it hard to tell visually when the blocks have reached the top two levels.

The game you're thinking of for DOS was called 'Block-out'. I used to play it on my Dad's computer all the time when I was little. =)

There are two blockout clones for Android: one named Blockx, and the other named Blockout. I haven't tried either, but the spirit of the game is apparently still alive.

This reminds me of Tuper Tario Tros, in which you play a version of the NES Mario but have to switch to playing Tetris so you can have blocks to jump on when there are walls/gaps that are too large. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/522276

http://www.firstpersontetris.com - the no-www gives me a domain squatter page :(

way too addicting, btw.

Both with and without get me a domain squatter page. We're down to the coralcache: http://firstpersontetris.com.nyud.net/swf/FirstPersonTetris....

I am getting the squatter page in both cases.. :(

Curious, why you would have had one version work and one would not work.

What could have happened? DNS poisoning, site owned by squatter, or most likely scenario, site is hosted on a low-cost provider, which switches to squatter version when the site gets too much traffic.

I can play first-person shooters all day long, but this makes me motion sick, and I had to stop after a few minutes. It's a shame, because I really like the concept.

I apologise unreservedly. I do not use reddit, and found this on some IRC chan to distract me for a few minutes... I figured it would die like all my submissions have with less than 20 upvotes and a few comments about similar implementations or pros/cons of such a drastic change to user interface.

It was just that the submission was leading to a placeholder landingpage instead of a game; so I looked it up on reddit to see if anyone had a mirror. But, now, the submission is leading to the game. Odd.

Am I the only one that noticed the tv "scanning" that happens. That combined with the surrounding imagery of the VCR really are nice touches.

This guy is awesome.

What is doubly awesome is that there is no credit on the page as to who made it. He just made something cool, and put it up. Done.

Bloody hilarious. I was almost in stitches when I did my first rotation.

I want to play this so bad, but I get a headache and mild nausea after about the 4th piece.

I have no idea why, but I find this so much more intuitive than "normal" tetris.

This started some nausea pretty quick for me.. which makes it brilliant.

This is incredible. Somehow I find it easier to concentrate and figure out than normal tetris. I can think faster with this one.

@jacquesm: I think I just inadvertantly gave you a case study!

/me hangs head in shame

Yes, but now I'm really confused ;)

This is way too addictive. There goes productivity.

I've always been crap at tetris - I only got 880.

Beware of sickness! Don't spin your head.

I played for about a minute. Now I feel car sick. Or maybe Tetrisick?

Definitely not for the potentially epileptic.

This is doing funny things to my head.

I'm up to 3700. :D

And I lose at 4420.


What you need, when you need it

Oh god, I feel sick.

that was fun 9400 points / 55 lines . . . and now back to making stuff work properly in IE :(

Ugh, no straight pieces?

If you're relying on straight pieces you're doing it wrong!

Back when I was starting with Tetris I would always try to avoid "holes", i.e. empty spaces that are covered on top. And this leads to the requirement for the straight pieces.

I became much better when I started to accept holes and instead just try to keep the top edge a nice shape compatible with many blocks. The straight pieces become a bit of a nuisance, actually.

I think you take a major strategic step when you force yourself to use the straight pieces horizontally. You learn how to play without relying on them to clear large areas.

How do you get a tetris without straight pieces?

I got one right as my third piece.

i want this on my iPhone

the iphone version requires you to rotate the phone instead :-)

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