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I just recently purchased Izotope Ozone 7 advanced. One feature it has is "codec preview" which lets you "solo" the codec artifacts for MP3 and AAC format. Even at high but rates it's amazing how swishy bit reduction sounds. It also made me realize what I was hearing with mp3s was artifacts from compression. That said, it's not unlike tape hiss or vinyl noise. In fact I think it can have its own charm and in some cases make the music sound more full. It's also probably why 24/192 digital audio can sound so "cold" or lifeless.

From mastering records at home, I've found that in all but the most golden-ears focused listening, I can't hear the difference between 192 bit mp3 and 44.1/16 cd quality. But 128 bit mp3 is audibly degraded and irritating.

That's a pretty cool feature for Ozone 7, for sure! I'm still using Ozone 5 and don't feel a need to upgrade, but that might make it...

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