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Jun Group | New York, NY | Orange County, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Our name means truth, and our culture is all about openness and honesty. This is a place where individuals are heard, diverse perspectives are encouraged, and the CEO makes time to take everyone to lunch, one and two at a time. It’s a place where we ask every developer to spend part of their time going beyond our strategy, to show us their own.

When you work here you develop on the national stage, reaching tens of millions of users around the world, thousands of times a second, every day. Our technology is integrated into the world’s most popular apps and sites. Our clients are household names: Coke, Samsung, Chevy, Activision, McDonald's, Kraft, etc. We were rated #54 on Crain’s Best 100 Places to Work in NYC.

Senior Software Developer, Android. Work on our native SDKs that are installed on millions of devices around the world. Compensation $200k+

Senior Software Developer, Server Side Technologies. We use Ruby (JRuby on Rails) or Scala (Play Framework). Compensation $200k+

More information about these positions can be found on our careers page, here: https://careers.jobscore.com/jobs2/jungroup?sid=68

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