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It is not just headphones that are the problem, it is the speakers.

People today are often amazed when they listen to CD or turntable content through 70's era crossover speakers. Back in the 70's you'd have a stereo with 2 "speakers" that each had 3 subspeakers for a total of six speakers. The fad today is to have 5.1 sound with a single driver in each satellite, also a total of six speakers. The spatial resolution increase is good for movies, games and TV but surround sound in music is marginal. An amazing number of old "classic rock" recordings were done in quad and anything by Donald Fagan will sound pretty good w/ Dolby Pro Logic, there are some more recent Bjork recordings, but almost everything is mixed for stereo and what you loose in frequency response is not compensated by anything, except perhaps the ability to produce more volume with more speakers.

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