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"React Native is taking off"

"Crap. Anybody got anything?"

"Jimmy has a brainfuck to Objective-C transpiler"

"Anybody else?"

"How about non-native controls with a language no one cares about?"

"Ship it"

Where would we be without alternatives for developers? Should C# never have existed because of Java? Or any language for that matter?

Flutter exists because some people (also internally at Google) enjoy writing their stuff in Dart, so they created this tool for themselves, which they released in public.

People shouldn't get upset nor should they feel threatened by alternatives to their preferred tools.

Flutter is a great example of tech to ignore in a world where everyone is releasing something on a weekly basis.

We can just ignore different things then. I ignore JavaScript, and you ignore Dart, and we will be on our way.

Amusing ;-)

Although I think this gives Google too much credit of forethought. Most of these projects are as Eric Schmidt used to say "throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks".

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