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The blatant contempt they have for their people is astounding.

> The draft bill's measures include:

> Allowing the security services to hack into phones and computers around the world in the interests of national security

> A new criminal offence of "knowingly or recklessly obtaining communications data from a telecommunications operator without lawful authority", carrying a prison sentence of up to two years

In the same breath they threaten prison sentences for doing exactly what they state they're doing.

> The Wilson doctrine - preventing surveillance of Parliamentarians' communications - to be written into law

Come on guys, now you're just taking the piss

preventing surveillance of Parliamentarians' communications

.. except when authorised by the PM. Who recently called the leader of the opposition a threat to national security.

The creepiest implication with this is if you get the wrong person in power at the right time, they might be able to keep their party or interests in power for an atypically long time, given access to these new tools. We all know that keeping one political interest in control for any extended period of time is never good.

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