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Optimized 2D engine? Hmm, is there any chance that there's a hardware-accelerated version of Skia somewhere in there? A while ago I was looking for a nice OpenGL vector (read: path rendering) library for an iOS app I was working on, but none of the available options at the time were good enough. Ended up hacking together a custom implementation in Cocos2d. (Actually, still hacking...)

Looks like so, as per their architecture diagram: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cw7A4HbvM_Abv320rVgP...

Looks like it's there but I don't think it uses OpenGL. (Also, the page states: "Today we don’t support for 3D via OpenGL ES or similar. We have long-term plans to expose an optimized 3D API, but right now we’re focused on 2D.") Still, this is very promising!

MOAI has some nice features that make OpenGL-based path rendering interesting:


Skia has an optional OpenGL backend. It's used by Chrome for things like <canvas>

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