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Ionic has a product called Deploy which is currently in Alpha (production use not recommended).

They do a pretty good job explaining binary versioning, which is eluded too with CodePush but not in detail. Basically, it might seem too good to be true, and it is. You can push small changes up to the app store, but still have to re-submit for any binary changes.


Thanks for bringing this up! We definitely need to do a better job raising this point in our docs. That said, I hope this limitation doesn't make it "too good to be true". From the many Cordova/React Native devs we've spoken with, being able to update JavaScript, CSS, images and other content assets, enables handling lots of fixes/updates, before hitting the need to update through a store. We look forward to hearing more feedback on this topic though!

Good point. Too good to be true referring to only dealing with the App Store once.

Yep that's true. I'll add this point to our docs so it doesn't seem like we're trying to manipulate the value of the service. Thanks for the feedback!

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