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> On the other hand, starting a startup is not in fact very risky to your career—if you’re really good at technology, there will be job opportunities if you fail. Most people are very bad at evaluating risk.

It's true that career risk is low, but opportunity cost could be high. If you're well into your career, taking a few years off to work at a startup that might fail could really be a million dollar tradeoff.

So you really gotta believe in your startup.

(Note: I left my comfortable high paying job earlier this year to start a startup)

That is the calculation I used over the course of a few months to switch from being a teacher to going all-in on my office design website.

At the time I was pretty burnt out from teaching, ended up moving to a new city and was doing a few temp jobs to make some extra cash. The risk was low enough at that point that the website was almost a no brainer. I'm pretty confident that had I been in a good spot career-wise at the time, I would likely have either never kept my side project going.

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