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If I would reply to all the emails, pull requests, issues, people send me about my OSS code, it could be impossible for me to write a single line of code every day. Eventually I believe the solution is to take what you get from the community, and to provide replies and feedbacks, by spending a fixed amount of time, and trying to sharpen the sensibility to focus on the most promising interactions, pull requests or whatever. It will sound gross to many that expect a reply that does not arrive, but it's better than to stop doing what you love which is writing OSS.

IMO if you've got enough projects that get that kind of attention, it's time to do as any good manager should do, and delegate. Allow others to sift out pull requests and issues, pre-filter emails about the project, so you can do higher-level things (or just write code because you seem to prefer that over dealing with issues)

I hope one day I write something that's half as popular as your code!

I think your blog posts do a good job of answering lots of questions for a lot of people at once - isn't this a more efficient way than answering emails one-on-one?

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