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How are people who are starting from zero on this supposed to understand it in 60 days? This disclosure only a little more than a transparency fig leaf.

By the usual means that complicated issues are explained to the public - professional journalists poring over it for clauses of public concern. How many people actually read through the ACA, or the myriad budgets and semi-budgets passed in the US over the past decade with much even shorter public-disclosure periods than this?

The ACA wasn't negotiated in secret. Budgets are normally continuing resolutions; they only negotiate the delta from previous years, which is usually small. And again, budget negotiations don't involve years of secret negotiations.

I'm sorry, continuing resolutions are now our ideal? And even then, the full process is on a similar timescale to just the public disclosure period of this treaty.

Same with respect to full budgets - they're long, they're complicated, but the period during which they're publicly available is on a similar timescale to this 60-day period.

>>I'm sorry, continuing resolutions are now our ideal?

I did not say that continuing resolutions are an ideal. My point was that although budgets are complex, only a relative small part of them changes from one cycle to the next. People don't have to digest the whole budget, because they already know what was in it before. They only have to understand the changes.

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