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>It’s important that you distort reality for others but not yourself.

I would love to see more content and discussion around this. I understand clearly why it is important to pitch who you will be not who you are when recruiting and raising money but when it comes to day to day, doesn't this contradict what you had said earlier about sharing all of the good and bad with your employees? Replacing your water jugs with Kool-Aid at the office just seems evil to me. I'm not sure if that is really what you are saying or not but it seems synonymous with unicorn culture. I see a lot of positives to creating a culture masked with illusion, but in my head, all of the value seems short-term.

Replacing your water jugs with Kool-Aid at the office just seems evil to me.

Founder/VC/moneyhat friendly isn't always employee friendly. Employees exist to be exploited so the founders and VCs become extremely wealthy.

The best way to drive productivity is to convince your employees there's a vague "external enemy" they've gotta beat. Turn it into mental cult gymnastics. Bind their self worth to the success of the company. Grow at all costs.

There are circles of belief though. You should always know the truth yourself (founder), then you decide which lies to tell the board, then which lies to tell your management, then which lies to tell your employees, then which lies to tell the media/public/world. (where "lies" also equals "putting a spin on the truth" or selectively withholding information (hiding faults in the hopes of improving them before failing completely, etc).)

You can be transparent. The trick is how you interpret the facts.

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