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> Startups are the point in your life when tricks stop working.

Awesome thesis, hidden in the middle of the text. In some ways, this is a great single sentence answer to the question, "What is a startup, really?"

For more on this idea, have a look at pg's Before the Startup:

"So this is the third counterintuitive thing to remember about startups: starting a startup is where gaming the system stops working."


Ha, it's amazing to see a Leo Strauss reference in a HN thread! I majored in Political Theory at Michigan State, and the department was full of Straussians. Worlds colliding.

You're going to have me counting the words in the sentences.

That's great. This has been my life, finding the easy wins, and when they stop working, moving on to the next. This is one of the points that characterize me as soft.

What do you mean by "characterize me as soft"?

Avoiding hard work because it is hard. Give up easily etc.

This is the tldr of the whole thing

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