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(This got published a little early because it got indexed. I'm still going through and fixing some typos and will maybe add a few other things.)

I'm just curious. Does the playbook have any game-changing ideas from what was told at the Startup Class videos?

And BTW, thanks for all the info YC has been putting out there for free.


This seems to be most of the content found in the Startup Class videos in written form.

Found one:

> Founders and employees that are burn out nearly always work at startups without momentum. It’s hard to overstate how demoralizing it is.

s/are //

Is there a reason this is published under your domain and not YC?

Just wondering because it sounds like this is the collective wisdom of all the partners (even if you're the one that wrote it).

I'd bet its easier to get press for this specific piece on his blog rather than on YC.

Can you fix the links? For some reason the browser URL doesn't change to reflect the fragment, so the back button is broken.

Ah, this maybe explains why there are no anchor tags yet.

Can you please get the designer of this playbook and ycombinator.com to redesign HN too?

Oh my god please yes. HN is terrible to use on mobile. Look:

.votearrow { transform: scale(2,2); margin-right: 10px; }

I just improved usability on the site by like 100% for mobile users. In two lines of code. HN, please get on it.

It's pretty, but it also warms up my laptop with 20% CPU usage. Everything is tradeoffs.

And Craigslist. And ReadMe.io.

facebook just redeisgned craigslist for them...lol.

but Craigslist's anachronistic static-HTML feel is so charming...

And RFCs.

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