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I'm doing something similar where I publish all main and side-projects (good and bad) and judge interest from retweets, stars and forks https://github.com/heri

However working on 10 projects simultaneously is not feasible imho. 3 or 4 is more realistic, more maintainable and worthwile in the long-term.

I am this way as well. I eventually go back through my Github and delete the projects I am not willing to continue but I put 90% what I do on Github as MIT. Maybe I should add comments to the readme like use at your own risk or some other warning.

How do you gain any popularity at all? Most of my stuff is little hacks, but they have zero visibility. I'm sure something I wrote is useful to someone, but how do I know?

Actually I'm not planning to be popular. I'm doing it for myself and to develop interesting projects. Of course, it would be cool if it becomes popular.

In terms of popularity, if I see something is interesting, I make sure to add it to Twitter, facebook, send to friends, add to reddit, add to awesome lists and encourage participation (clear license, clear contribute.md) etc.

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