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This resonates with author's famous blog post about reading [1]

In that blog post he recommends reading several books simultaneously and abandoning boring books with no regret.

[1] http://blog.fogus.me/2012/02/22/reading/

Simultaneous reading is definitely great.

At any given time, I have 2 books, one fictional and one technical, open (made some progress in reading it, maybe not literally open ;) ). I probably could handle an extra technical one.

If I was reading only one book, some evenings I'd be like 'meh, don't feel like reading it tonight'. But when I'm reading simultaneously, I have no excuse to read a bit every single evening, which evolves into a habit and it is definitely a nice habit to have.

I'm really trying to finish one book (fiction), but I tend to fall asleep before finishing a chapter, :p. Mind you, I read billions of words a day (may be a slight exaggeration), and closing tabs when they're boring is common enough. Can't really do that with code though, I need to understand / write / finish those.

TL;DR as a software developer, I find my primary occupation is reading, and not just code. Secondary is typing. I should get a better keyboard.

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