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We were told that the draft says that ISP's are liable for copyright violations on their network or something. Is that in the final document? Anybody knows enough legal language in order to clarify this issue?

Also does the document say anything about terms/expiration of copyright? How does it treat creative commons?

how does the final document compare to the leaked draft?

ISP copyright was addressed in this reddit post: https://reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/3rlu3g

>ISPs must move quickly to remove material with a copyright claim against it:

>these conditions shall include a requirement for Internet Service Providers to expeditiously remove or disable access to material residing on their networks or systems upon obtaining actual knowledge of the copyright infringement

>If your data/material/whatever is pulled down because of a bogus claim, you can't sue ISPs:

>An Internet Service Provider that removes or disables access to material in good faith under subparagraph (a) shall be exempt from any liability for having done so

>[All pulled from Chapter 18, Annex 18 E/F]

Now, I must know: is automatic take down, without any checks (automated of some kind, or otherwise), considered good faith?

I'm sure the MPAA would appreciate your show of faith.

Fundamentally its tiny individuals vs giant ISPs and media conglomerates. Justice matters not in such proceedings, only the amount of money you have to fight it out in court.

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