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I would suggest that while reading this and forming an opinion, you take all the consequences of the treaty into account.

In something this large there will definitely be points that are objectionable, but that doesn't mean TPP as a whole isn't good for the parties involved.

Reaching agreement between governments that span the globe and govern hundreds of millions of citizens requires a lot of horse-trading and compromise. The final agreement can still be good for the world, even if there are objectionable provisions.

The agreement is, as you say, between governments, not between the hundreds of millions of citizens they govern, and was negotiated in secret. So, as a whole, it may be good for "the parties involved", but I would suggest that it is absolutely right for any citizen to criticise any part of this they want to, as vociferously as they desire.

You could equally make the opposite point: In something this large there will be points that are good, but that doesn't mean that the TPP as a whole isn't bad for the average citizen.

No treaties are negotiated between citizens, and mosttreaties are negotiated in secret. We usually don't hear see intermediate drafts of agreements until well after they've either passed or failed.

This is a good thing. We want negotiators to have freedom to throw out unpopular ideas, and the only part where public scrutiny is important is the actual final text that our governments might sign.

Straw man. I didn't suggest that the treaty should be between citizens or negotiated publicly, but I rejected the claim that it should only be criticised by citizens as a whole.

Huge, all-encompassing all-or-nothing deals like the TPP are not good. They're merely easier to negotiate.

What's the point of post-factum public scrunity if the deal can not be modified at this point? It's just a farce.

Because it can be rejected.

But that will not happen regardless of how good or bad the individual provisions are.

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