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Anything that I think "may" be useful to someone I put up on github. Sometimes to my surprise people use it. I remember putting something up (not even one star/issue or anything ever), then 1 year later getting a random email saying "this is great, thanks." Yeah, no problem, anytime.

I went the opposite direction (kinda) from the author. I realized that people assuming I would fix what I put up didn't matter to me. Sometimes I would make fixes, or check issues, sometimes I wouldn't. Some people got mad, some understood, some were drive by so they never checked back in anyway. Whatever, it's up there, if it really bothers them enough, they can fix it, or use it. It's up to them, not me.

However, I'm still a little like the author. I have a bunch of projects that are "good enough" for my use, but definitely not for someone else (for example, I wrote a password safe[1] cli program because I needed something that would work on FreeBSD. It only handles the features I use and may croak on a file that uses all field types). I keep these off my github.

[1] https://pwsafe.org/

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