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I have been using Ledger for a long time and it has really been a wonderful tool. The reports are great. I even made a little Python script so I can easily make entries from terminal on my phone!

Would you elaborate how that works? I'd love to make entries from my phone.

Sorry, I am not used to commenting here and didn't realise it wouldn't notify me.

I use Prompt by Panic http://www.panic.com/prompt/ on my iPhone to do SSH sessions. Since it was hard for me to type in entries to my Ledger data file I put together a script with Python that could have stored merchants and just sort of make the process easier.

I can type in `ql -m sd -t 50` and it will add a full entry for the grocery store that I frequent. The project on Github is here: https://github.com/robotmachine/QuickLedger

To clarify, it is just a command line tool that I made with mobile SSH in mind-- not a mobile app. Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot, looks cool! At the moment I'm using Nebulous Notes to write to a "mobile" ledger, then I merge that to the main ledger. This has the advantage I can add entries also offline. I'd love to move something more automated though and your project might definitely help. :)

To my knowledge I am the sole user of my QuickLedger project -- so I'd be very interested to hear how it works for another's use case. Any feedback would be great! If you fork I'd like to know so I can see what someone does with it.

Sure, will do! In the meanwhile, I randomly discovered the awesome Pythonista (http://omz-software.com/pythonista/).

Pythonista would make possible to run QuickLedger on the mobile, and it could be expanded to automatically update the main ledger, hosted on another machine or on some Dropbox-like container.

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