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These reviews took me back (and made me laugh). They have the same to-the-point-and-technically-correct tone as code reviews internal to Google.

In all seriousness though, these are important for a non-obvious reason: Nexus 6x devices don't ship with USB2-USB3 adapters (they only have a USB3 cable with a wall charger).

So ... anyone who wants to hook up their Nexus 6x to a laptop will almost certainly to Amazon to buy a cable. This is what I did last week, and just today I discovered that certain cables do not quick charge.

Benson Leung, you are doing the lord's work. May future Nexus 6x owners benefit from your expertise.

What I can't work out is am I going to damage my new 5X with any of these cables? There's a limited number that'll ship to Australia

You might damage the other end of the connection if the 5X considers it alright to draw 3A (because the cable says so) but the other end isn't prepared to deal with that.

Generally speaking, USB cables won't make the receiving end request more than they can handle. It's always about the power source.

Moment of irony when I realized my new Nexus is the only Android device I own, that I cannot develop apps on. Short of sending apk's over wifi to sideload. (Because of the USB)

Looking forward to laptops with USB C connectors.

> Looking forward to laptops with USB C connectors.

Surprisingly it's been slow! I was very sad to see, for instance, that MS Surface Book does not have a USB C port. It is the single reason that I'm not going to buy the Surface Book.

At least Apple went all in with the Macbook air. Also, I think iPhone 7 will use the USB 3.1 type C port.

If I were trying to drive adoption of a connector that has objectively better performance characteristics (high current draw for fast charging), I too wouldn't provide a legacy cable that doesn't exhibit those benefits.

I know the criteria for selecting my next laptop and monitor will involve USBC.

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