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    CableCreation Micro-B receptacle to Type-C plug adapter is out of spec.
    May cause damage to your USB charger, PC, or hub.
Still gave it 2/5 stars?!

Didn't burn down Google campus or shoot my dog, +1 star.

Joking aside, I'm somewhat more likely to read a two star review vs a one star review because a lot of the one star reviews are whiny rants and not actually helpful.

An out of spec cable may still be useful for many people. Just not for Pixel owners.

I have one of these, and it happens to work fine (seemingly anyway). Unfortunately he hasn't reviewed anything similar that is actually in spec, so I don't really have a choice here. (other than buying new cables/charger/car chargers, which I deem wasteful)

Perhaps the 1 star reviews are for cables that actually do damage your charger, PC, and hub.

Seems to be a consistent pattern.

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