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Amazon reviews become useless as Amazon allows third-party vendors from China and HK to flood the original listing with clones.

So people buy based on the review and then they find out the vendor shipped a clone, so then they give a bad review but it's not for the original listing.

Amazon made a huge mess with that, they should never allow third parties to sell on the original listing.

Another fun thing I saw on Amazon a few months back was items for sale with reviews for another product. Shopping for a small FM transmitter, I found a listing where every review more than a few months old was for a roof-mounted car antenna.

I suppose there is a Ship of Theseus problem when trying to detect tricks like that automatically - surely sellers should be able to reword description, update product image, and change the product name slightly, but where do you draw the line and how do you handle that? Heh.

I've had a similar thing, where a vendor had clearly kept the same listing for many years. They were the same type of product (tablets) but the specs referenced for the oldest listings were quite hilarious. For a long time this seemed to have been fine, sort of, as the shipped products consistently were better than those described in older listings.

Until they weren't. We bought one that was a substantial step down (screen resolution in particular, which was exactly why I'd picked it).. Got a refund, but Amazon simply didn't seem to care that the reviews had no relevance to the current model, which was a let down (though a lesson to read the reviews closely and pay attention to their age...)

Weird. Any time I've pointed out an obviously wrong listing it has been pulled down almost immediately.

I'm not sure why you're being downvoted (perhaps for singling out China/HK?), I've had problems like this on Amazon as well when buying chargers/cables.

I'm confused--if the person purchased from Listing A, but the vendor shipped Product B, are you saying the user does not have the option of leaving a review for Listing A?

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