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Nice to hear this from Mr. Wiegley:

> Actually, there were no compromises made. I found Richard to be an absolute delight to talk with. We discussed the architectural history of Pompeii, admired his reading library, his tea collection... :)

> I think many people misunderstand his devotion to freedom as being unreasoning in his views -- as I had, not just a few month ago! On the contrary: I proposed several Emacs-related ideas that I expected him to balk at, only to find he happily considered everything, even suggesting further improvements. At no point did I ever get the feeling that I was speaking to a closed mind.

> I only wish I lived nearby so I could spend more time with him. He is truly an amiable fellow. I have no worries about our ability to find a common path in future, if issues that threaten his goals for software freedom arise.

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