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Not that I disagree with the main premise, but boy oh boy why waste time skewering terms like "Angel" and "liquidity event". Sophomoric.

Because those terms are the propaganda of the machine, reused again and again by major media. They build up enthusiasm for the current startup culture in the general culture until part of your aunt's retirement fund has been invested in sketchy tech ventures. These terms need to be called out.

Because it's fun? Personally, I take great pleasure in roasting sacred cows and eating them in front of the shocked faithful. I'm sure DHH does too.

Do you really think anyone was "shocked" or that this was "roasting sacred cows"? It basically said " uh you can have a great life without seeking a huge exit, and your chances might be better, too". Do people actually take this stuff that seriously?

> why waste time skewering terms like "Angel" and "liquidity event"

Because the terms they use for themselves indicates how they see themselves and the value of their role. They invest money in order to make money, but want to be seen as—and want other people to refer to them as—saving angels.

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