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Now that is a headline that would have raised a few eyebrows 15 years ago.

In 2006 we had a similar headline.

Microsoft partnered with Novell (SuSE Linux), and there was no happy end for one of them (Novell is no more; SuSE Linux once a major distribution next to RedHat is a shadow of its former self). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novell#Agreement_with_Microsof...

I remember that one. Many people were pissed off because that partnership included a patents agreement. This was because in the eyes of many, this meant an acknowledgement from Novell that Microsoft was in the right to claim patents infringement of Linux and SuSE Linux was then advertised as the safe distribution. Talk about a sure way to piss off your community.

Not just an agreement, but also that 'Novell agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft based on Novell's open source sales'.


Our clients seem to still use it a lot, I usually see it being deployed together with SAP when I get project reports.

Worked out well for Xamarin. Also, it seems to me that SUSE is still in good shape, but didn't continued to grow like RedHat.

> Worked out well for Xamarin

Only for them. Novell bet big on pivoting on Linux and then crashed.

Eric Schmidt on Novell, recently:

"I went to Novell under the mistaken goal of being a CEO. I didn’t do the due diligence, and if I had, I wouldn’t have gone. Our basic goal was to get out with our professional reputations intact and not end up in jail. The books were cooked, and people were frauds. But it turns out you can overcome that, and the skills I developed helped at Google."


Novell didn't crash because of linux and SUSE. Suse was the healthy core of the company and was growing in recent years. The original Novell business however died, it had nothing to do with linux.

The interesting part was that from what I recall there were a couple of quarters where Microsoft's sales force sold more Novell licenses than their own sales force.

I’m definitely picturing Balmer quietly fuming, pacing a bit, staring at a Clippers logo and thinking “eye on the ball, Steve, eye on the ball”

Microsoft started offering multiple versions of Linux on Azure while Ballmer was in charge.

Microsoft also started writing dozens of apps for Android and iOS while Ballmer was in charge.

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